South Miami Recovery is more than just not using drugs and alcohol; it's about being comfortable in your own skin, living with hope, and having a fresh new outlook on your life.

"Recovery" is renewed self-esteem.
"Recovery" is setting your goals and achieving your dreams.
"Recovery" is purpose and direction in your life.
"Recovery" is healthy and loving relationships.
"Recovery" is learning about ourselves, spiritual growth, and true freedom.

True freedom from active substance dependency – this is the purpose behind South Miami Recovery, and this is the beginning of your journey. Here we teach you the skills to stay clean by helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

South Miami Recovery was founded and directed by Howard Lerner, CAP, ICADC. Howard is a native Miamian. After many years of his own struggle with substance dependency, he found his direction and purpose by reaching out and helping others seeking recovery.

Howard has worked side by side with the pioneers in substance treatment. Since 1987 he has provided primary inpatient care at Mt. Sinai Hospital, started outpatient and residential programs at South Miami Hospital, and most recently, was the Clinical Director for Baptist Health Systems' Addiction Treatment Center.

South Miami Recovery and Howard bring more than 30 years of practical experience and 25 years of treatment knowledge to you in a personal, individualized program.

Affordable Outpatient Treatment

What good is asking for help and being ready if you do not have the resources, or you cannot afford treatment? A good substance abuse treatment program is rarely free, available, or without many restrictions.

Hospitals and large programs have high overhead, lots of restrictions, and many layers of administration.

South Miami Recovery is a small, private owner-invested program willing to work with you.

We want to help you get started toward recovery!

We will provide free consultations.

We will provide free recommendations and referrals even if it's not with us.

We will work with you to create an affordable payment schedule.

Our fees are affordable, usually half of what other programs charge.

Your personal information is confidential. We are not obligated to share your personal information with insurance companies­­ – no invasive managed care provider scrutiny or pre-existing limitations in the future.

Individualized Care

Individualized care makes the difference!

You are not just another patient, client, or account amongst many others. Your treatment is not a pre-formatted one for all approach. You are a unique individual with distinctive concerns and feelings.

The program itself serves only 8 - 10 individuals! Your time in treatment is concentrated, focused, and dedicated to You.

First you meet with a Certified Substance Abuse Professional with many years of experience to review your personal history and specific areas to be addressed.

You and the therapist will identify and prioritize the issues or problems that block you from staying clean.

A treatment plan (plans) will be agreed upon and will list very specifically what you will be working on and the time frame to complete.

You will meet weekly with your therapist to review and update your progress on the treatment plan.

Group therapy three times a week is a primary treatment activity. Listening and relating to others provides new insights and allows greater emotional expression. You will also be creating friendships and bonding with other group members, allowing freedom to open your heart and end isolation and feelings of terminal uniqueness.    

Lasting Solutions

Our patients learn to develop the recovery skills necessary to put down drugs and alcohol and to cultivate fruitful lives. Our methods are time- tested. When consistently applied, the skills learned at South Miami Recovery will last a lifetime. Lasting Solutions!

South Miami Recovery will help you build the solid foundation you need to start you on your way to recovery.

If you or a loved one need help immediately, please do call us as soon as possible. We are always on call and willing to help if given the opportunity. Please call The South Miami Recovery at 305-661-0055.


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