Yoga and Mindfulness Therapy

The first few days in treatment are usually the most difficult, but the weeks and sometimes months that follow can be quite challenging for some. Not only are clients experiencing physical withdrawals, but they are also learning to manage their emotions and their behaviors.

Yoga is a practice that utilizes regulated breathing and slow movements to exercise both the body and the mind. It encourages a sense of balance, boosts flexibility and strength and encourages healthy blood flow. Beyond the physical benefits, yoga and mindfulness contribute to a positive mental and emotional state.

Yoga and mindfulness therapy is a natural, drug-free approach to healing. It can help relieve anxiety and improve sleep patterns. Proper sleeping habits aid in the healing process of the body. Stress is a main trigger for relapse, and massage therapy helps reduce stress and promote relaxation. 

Why Yoga and Mindfulness Can Help

The concepts of yoga, meditation and mindfulness are all inextricably linked. Beyond serving as mental and physical exercise, they encompass lifestyle and mind-body tools. Mindfulness is not a simple action: it is a state of mind.

By practicing reflection and yoga, individuals access a state of peace that they have not found in alcohol or drugs. Continued mindfulness practice addresses the stresses of daily life, empowering individuals to build healthy responses to distressing events. It also encourages a helpful level of self-insight that helps those in recovery to access their emotions.

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