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Frequently asked questions

Contact us at 305-661-0055 so we can set up an evaluation of your personal situation.
South Miami Recovery recognizes most major insurance companies with out of network coverage. Our admissions team is available to run a confidential verification of benefits for substance abuse and advise prior to admission any potential out of pocket costs.
We individualize the course of treatment for each person based on your needs and clinical recommendations. The average length of stay is between 30-60 days followed by an aftercare program.
Not all substances require a medical detox. We will do an evaluation and if a medical Detox is required we will facilitate the referral and admission to a Detox center.
Detox stands for detoxification which you may need if you have been using certain substances on a regular basis. When you use alcohol, sedatives and pain medication several times a week your body can develop a physical dependency on them. If you try to stop or cut back, you can have serious withdrawal symptoms and become very ill. This is when you need help to get the substances safely out of your body so you can work on staying free of them.
An evaluation or assessment takes place when you call for an appointment with a professional substance abuse therapist. You will meet with the therapist at no charge to review what you’ve been using, the amount, length of time you have been using and why or how you started. The therapist is trained to assess what type of help you need. If you need specific medical help (detox) or a certain level of substance abuse treatment, the therapist will provide you with all recommendations and or referrals. Whether you choose to work with South Miami Recovery or take a referral to go somewhere else is up to you. There is no obligation or pressure, we are more concerned you get help as soon as possible.
Addiction affect the whole family and we strongly encourage all our patients to involve family and friends in their recovery process.
Once a patient enrolls into our program HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) law protects the patient’s medical, clinical and personal information from being shared without the patient’s written consent.