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Substance Abuse Treatment in Miami like any other medical discipline starts with an assessment and includes Individual Substance Abuse Therapy. The professionally trained substance abuse therapist focuses in on problem areas then prioritizes these areas by creating an individualized treatment plan. Your Individual Substance Abuse Therapy treatment plans are reviewed with you and very specific goals and objectives are created. This process of assessment, identifying areas to work on and creating actionable treatment plans is one of the main functions of your individual therapist. As you can see this work will lead to your therapist knowing and understanding your strengths and weak points. Also, by intimately and honestly discussing your issues with your individual therapist, a bond of trust develops.

Individual Substance Abuse Therapy is an essential part of our treatment program. The therapist will meet with you weekly in a private individual session to focus on the specific issues that contribute to your substance abuse and other issues. Your Individual Therapy therapist will complete a biopsychosocial assessment which includes your substance history, family history as well as physical and emotional history. As you and your therapist prepare your individualized treatment plan, they will explain and educate you to treatment and recovery terms and ideas. Your individual therapist is like your Individual Substance Abuse Therapy trainer, “Recovery Trainer” in Miami.

Your therapist will work with you on learning coping skills and managing emotions and certain situations without using drugs or alcohol. During your Individual Substance Abuse Therapy, you will be able to admit and take ownership of the fact that you indeed suffer from addiction, and you will be taught new strategies on making better decisions during those crucial moments which can trigger the urge to use. Positive reinforcement is emphasized to continually remind you of your progress, and your therapist will work with you on creating a lifelong commitment to recovery using personalized Individual Substance Abuse Therapy.

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