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Relapse, unfortunately, is sometimes a part of the recovery process. Knowing what to do if you return to using drugs or alcohol is vital in helping restore the recovery process and establish a lasting successful recovery.

Relapse prevention is based on developing techniques to help you avoid relapse before you find yourself going into a situation that would normally trigger a relapse. You will learn to apply healthy coping mechanisms, and how to avoid certain high-risk situations when possible. It is impossible to avoid all high-risk situations, however, and that is why you need strategies to help you cope in a healthy way.

The Importance of Long-Term Treatment

Research consistently shows that a positive correlation exists between the amount of time spent in treatment and positive outcomes. Specifically, those who spend longer in initial treatment experience improved results. We believe that the more time an individual invests in their treatment, the more likely they will be to attain long-term recovery. We also focus on laying a solid foundation for the future.

Relapse prevention education equips people to live a happy life in recovery. Common relapse triggers include boredom, anger, stress and financial problems. By addressing these concerns during primary treatment, individuals are able to successfully navigate early recovery. Skills such as self-care, mindfulness meditation and seeking support are integral to success.

Find Relapse Prevention Services

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