by Webconsuls

Crystal meth is a methamphetamine and therefore creates a feeling of euphoria for the user. It is highly addictive and very dangerous. Once an addict makes the decision to get clean and sober, professional help will be needed. It is an addiction that is difficult to treat, mainly because there are certain changes that take place 45-120 days into treatment which have been known to lead to a relapse.

Upon entering treatment, our staff will assess the patient’s current level of usage and dependency. The patient will then enter the detox period, which will bring with it withdrawal symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Once the detox period is over, the treatment plan can be put into place and enacted. Over the course of therapy sessions, the reason for initial use and the reason for continued use will be uncovered, and the patient will be able to address the emotions associated with those reasons to overcome addiction. New methods of coping will be introduced and the patient will learn new behaviors. With crystal meth rehab, it is very important that the patient continue relapse prevention.

If you or your loved one is struggling with a crystal meth addiction, we can help.