Drug Or Alcohol Addiction?

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Substance Abuse Treatment

A good substance abuse treatment program is rarely free, available, or without many restrictions. What good is asking for help and being ready if you do not have the resources, or you cannot afford treatment? Hospitals and large programs have high overhead, lots of restrictions, and many layers of administration.

South Miami Recovery is a small, private owner-invested treatment program willing to work with you and your substance abuse treatment.

We want to help you get started toward recovery!

We will provide free consultations.

We will provide free recommendations and referrals for substance abuse treatments even if it’s not with us.

We will work with you to create an affordable payment schedule.

Our fees are affordable, usually half of what other programs charge.

Your personal information is confidential. We are not obligated to share your personal information with insurance companies­­ – no invasive managed care provider scrutiny or pre-existing limitations in the future.

Who We Are

South Miami Recovery is a drug and alcohol substance abuse addiction treatment center in Miami designed to provide personal and affordable treatment for people who are addicted to drugs and or alcohol in an outpatient setting. Our comprehensive outpatient treatment program is structured to address all facets of recovery: spiritual, physical, mental and emotional

South Miami Recovery is more than just not using drugs and alcohol; it’s about being comfortable in your own skin, living with hope, and having a fresh new outlook on your life.

True freedom from active substance dependency – this is the purpose behind South Miami Recovery, and this is the beginning of your journey. Here we teach you the skills to stay clean by helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

South Miami Recovery was founded and directed by Howard Lerner, CAP, ICADC. Howard is a Miami native. After many years of his own struggle with substance dependency, he found his direction and purpose by reaching out and helping others seeking recovery. South Miami Recovery and Howard bring more than 30 years of practical experience and 25 years of treatment knowledge to you in a personal, individualized substance abuse treatment program.

Get To Know Us

Howard Lerner, Founder

Lester Delgado, Partner

Kathleen Delgado, Administrative Director

If you or a loved one need help immediately, please do call us as soon as possible. We are always on call and willing to help if given the opportunity.
Our staff is fully bilingual (English/Spanish) – call us today!


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Most major insurances are accepted, contact us to check your benefits.

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