Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Florida

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Florida: Finding the Right Fit

by Pat Fontana

When you decide you need help with your drug or alcohol addiction, you may not be in the mood to do a lot of research. Often, people who seek treatment are near crisis mode and, as such, can be vulnerable to making decisions that are not right for them. We urge you to review these important aspects of finding the right fit for you among the drug and alcohol treatment centers in Florida. Your recovery from addiction is what matters most at this point in your life.

Ask the First Questions of Yourself

As you look for the right fit among the drug and alcohol treatment centers in Florida, you will need to know more about your own situation. Ask yourself these questions – and answer them honestly:

  • What is your goal in participating in a recovery program at a treatment center?
  • Which fits your work or school schedule best, inpatient or outpatient treatment?
  • Does your family need to be involved in your therapy, for your well-being and for theirs?
  • As you search in the South Miami area, which location would you be more likely to be able to get to on a regular basis?
  • What is your financial situation? Do you have insurance that will cover treatment?

Make the Call and Ask More Questions

The best way to learn about the difference in the drug and alcohol treatment centers in Florida is to ask questions that will help you identify the right fit for your needs and goals. Call each one, ask specific questions, and record their answers in a notebook so you can refer to your notes as you are making your decision. Does the treatment center:

  • Offer the type of treatment you need? Consider whether you need rehab for alcohol, cocaine, prescription drugs, heroin, or other addictions. The treatment center should have expertise and experience in your specific type of addiction.
  • Help you with insurance and affordability options? Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction can be expensive. Unless money is not an issue for you, you probably do not need a high-end center that offers luxurious amenities. When you need help with your addiction, you do not want finances to become an obstacle to treatment.
  • Provide a flexible schedule that meets your needs? If you have work, school, or family commitments, an inpatient program is probably not the right fit. You need an outpatient facility with a flexible schedule that makes it more convenient for you to complete your rehab.
  • Speak openly and honestly with you about its treatment approaches? Ask specific questions about treatment methods when you speak with the drug and alcohol treatment centers in Florida. For example, does the center offer a holistic approach that treats the whole patient, rather than simply focusing on one aspect, such as individual therapy or detox?
  • Have qualified professionals on staff and is it accredited by The Joint Commission? A medical doctor on staff is critical to the treatment center’s ability to help you with the health issues related to your drug or alcohol addiction.

Meeting Your Needs

South Miami Recovery is focused on your successful recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Our staff includes Dr. Carlos Larocca, our Medical Director, who is board certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and is a member of the Florida Society of Addiction Medicine (FSAM).

Our professional organization:

  • Is accredited by The Joint Commission
  • Accepts most major insurance plans
  • Maintains your confidentiality throughout the treatment process
  • Offers affordable fees and works with you to create an affordable payment plan
  • Is an outpatient facility, offering you convenience and a flexible schedule that meets your needs
  • Provides a holistic approach to your treatment, including mindfulness training, family therapy, and relapse prevention.

If You or a Loved One Needs Help, Contact South Miami Recovery

At South Miami Recovery, we know that recovery isn’t easy. You don’t need any more obstacles in your path once you’ve decided to get help. We offer convenience and affordability in the highest quality treatment center in south Florida. Treatment is available for you when you are ready to change. We address all facets of our clients’ lives, including their mental, physical and spiritual health.

We understand that each of our clients has their own needs and challenges. Our staff designs a plan that is customized specifically for their benefit. Contact our bilingual staff to learn more about our outpatient treatment programs by calling 305.661.0055.