Recovery in South Miami

Miami: Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll | Part 2: Recovery

by Shelby Wall

By David Greenberg | South Miami Recovery Social Media and Blog Writer

(Editor’s Note: The primary source quoted in this article is a recovering addict who is active in the music and entertainment industry in Miami. In order to protect his anonymity, we are using an assumed name for him).

Getting in Trouble in Miami

Whether it was a celebrity in the music and entertainment industry or a professional athlete, they all found a way to get in trouble in Miami. From Maurice Gibb to Jim Morrison to Atlanta Falcons player Eugene Robinson, who managed to get busted the night before his Super Bowl game in 1989, the list is long and filled with notables.

Sam, who we introduced in Part 1 of this two-part series, knew many of them professionally. He’s been part of the Miami music and entertainment industry since the early ’80s, as a recording engineer, writer, producer, label executive and publisher. In those roles, he has seen some of the greats in his industry fall. He has experienced it himself and has been in recovery more than five years.

But he’s also seen the other side. He has witnessed many of these same people begin their own roads to recovery right here in Miami.

“There has always been great opportunity to get in trouble in Miami,” he said.

In Part 1 he talked about how the merger of culture, climate and location puts Miami on the map when it comes to trouble.

“Yes, a lot of people got in trouble in Miami – and some of them died,” he said. “But on the flip side, a great many people were able to find recovery here in Miami.”

Finding Recovery in Miami

So, you might ask why that’s the case. The answer is simple. While Miami has a reputation for sex, drugs and rock & roll, it has an equally strong reputation and history of being on the cutting edge when it comes to recovery.

That history can possibly find its origin back in 1976. While there had been efforts by many prior to that to stem the tide when it came to drug abuse and addiction, it was 1976 when South Miami Hospital hired Dr. Dolores Morgan to start the South Miami Hospital Alcohol Treatment program – later to become the Addiction Treatment Program.

“There were so many people working in recovery,” said Sam. “But it was Dr. Morgan and the people who worked with her that made the difference here.”

South Miami Hospital and later Mount Sinai Hospital, where she moved to a few years later, quickly gained national recognition as great centers for drug addiction recovery. And because Dr. Morgan’s philosophy embraced the entire community in the recovery effort, longer-term facilities became involved, as well as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and other 12-step groups.

However, transition in drug treatment began in the late 1980s as things shifted from the in-patient hospital settings to smaller private facilities. Insurance companies and corporate takeovers prompted much of that change.

Nevertheless, one thing has not changed. While there have been some nefarious dealings in the drug treatment industry in South Florida and other places, if you look around, you can still find great places for recovery. You do that by doing serious research. Find places that receive high credentialing from groups like the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. Ask people who know for referrals and recommendations.

We believe you will find South Miami Recovery is a place where you can truly take those first steps on a path to recovery. It is our mission to help addicts and alcoholics find true freedom from active substance dependency. Remember, you don’t have to do this alone.

So, Miami is what it is – a great place to get in trouble – and it doesn’t matter if you are rich and famous. But it is also a great place to begin that journey of recovery.


South Miami Recovery is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center located in Miami, Florida. To learn more about our unique approach to recovery, call 305-661-0055 today.

David Greenberg is a recovering addict celebrating 35 years of recovery. He got his start in recovery at Mount Sinai Hospital and Concept House and remains active following a 12-step lifestyle.