Prescription Drug Addicition

Prescription drug addiction is among the most common form of addiction in the country. While opioids make up the majority of prescription drug abuse and addiction, there are others which are easily addictive and just as harmful. There are stimulants, depressants, tranquilizers and sedatives. Detox and withdrawal from prescription drugs can cause physical symptoms which may be very uncomfortable, and we can help the patient get through it.

The treatment program will depend on a variety of factors such as which medication the patient has been abusing, for how long, how much, etc. Once detox has passed, the therapist will put together a unique treatment plan for the individual to help them overcome their addiction. The patient’s reason for using will be addressed. It is very common for addiction to stem from a legitimately prescribed medication. An injury could have resulted in painkillers being prescribed, and then escalated from there. The therapist will determine the root of the addiction in order to be able to provide the patient with a better understanding of themselves and their harmful behavior. The patient will learn new ways to manage stress and avoid triggers.

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