strength in group therapy

Finding Strength in Group Therapy

by Shelby Wall

Human beings are social animals. We all need connections to live life to its fullest. The saying “united we stand, divided we fall” reflects how heavily we lean on others when we need support. It’s especially true when it comes to addiction treatment, where people find incredible strength in group therapy.

In group therapy sessions, you not only have the support of other group members, you also have the benefit of a trained leader who guides everyone through the process of sharing their own struggles and experiences. By making yourself available to others, you will discover the advantages of leaning on group members for help and, in turn, helping them when they need it.

There is tremendous strength in group therapy, which will fuel you well beyond the time you spend in sessions. The lessons you learn in meetings will stick with you for the rest of your life and give you resources that you can repeatedly return to throughout your recovery.

Let’s look more closely at how you can find strength in group therapy….

You Realize You Are Not Alone

People who struggle with addiction often feel isolated when they first begin treatment. There are likely many people in your life that don’t struggle with substance use disorder. Even if they are supportive of your efforts, they don’t fully understand what you’re going through. You might also have friends that have the same disorder you have but aren’t seeking treatment. This leaves you feeling like you are alone in your journey.

Through group therapy, you realize that you aren’t alone. Your path will be different from others, but you will benefit from listening to the experiences of people with similar challenges. Some will be further along in their journey, while others will be beginning their recovery. All will help you put your own struggles in perspective and remember the value of living substance-free.

You Find Support from People in Similar Situations

In group therapy, you will receive encouragement and support from people who understand what you’re going through. When times are difficult and you feel like you need a push to stay on the path, you will find a group of people who know what’s it like to struggle. They can offer valuable insights and lessons that might help you with problems you face in relationships, at work or in other areas of your life.

Other members of your group might occasionally challenge you when you express feelings of guilt or inadequacy. Constructive criticism can help you identify problem areas or flawed thinking that could signal a relapse. Group members have likely experienced pitfalls that lead to a relapse, so their insights will be invaluable in keeping you on the path.

You Develop Meaningful Connections

In recovery, just as in many areas of life, there is strength in numbers. Difficulties that seem overwhelming in isolation become manageable with the help of others. Few people will understand what you’re experiencing like people in your group therapy sessions. Even if you don’t interact with other members outside of the sessions, you’ll find the time you spend in group therapy to reap benefits throughout your entire life.

Whether you’re simply hearing others’ stories or getting feedback about your own thought processes, you will learn that the connections you have in group therapy are a lifeline for your everyday struggles. One of the many benefits of these sessions is finding strength in group therapy through shared experiences.

You Learn the Power of Sharing

Once you feel comfortable communicating your thoughts and experiences in group therapy, you will learn the power of sharing. At first, you will feel vulnerable in these sessions. Eventually, you come to rely on the empathy of other group members because you know that someone is truly listening to your problems.

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and honest takes a great burden off your shoulders. You will also find power in being a source of strength for others. The symbiotic relationship you have in these sessions is fundamental to finding strength in group therapy.

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Through group therapy sessions, you will learn practical tips about living substance-free. You will cultivate social skills with people who face similar challenges. You will also find a source of strength that you can rely on in every facet of your life.

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