Family Therapy

We believe the family and significant others can also benefit from therapy. Family therapy is available and strongly encouraged to guide the family unit throughout the recovery process. Family therapy often unites broken families and facilitates the healing process. It is an important part of treatment.

Having an addict in the family affects the family on a group level as well as on an individual level. Addiction can cause an enormous amount of stress and disruption within the household, and can often extend to family members who live outside the home. This can result in family members developing unhealthy coping strategies. Family therapy can also help identify codependency and enabling behaviors.

Family therapy decreases an addict’s chance of relapse and can help promote long-term recovery. It also helps to improve the emotional health of the entire family as they learn to rebuild trust, and paves the way for forgiveness. Family therapy provides a way to express and address negative emotions such as anger, frustration, sadness and guilt in a safe and positive environment.

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